Upcoming Theme Updates

I know I said I was going to do more blogging and yes, I know I’m slacking! 🙂  That’s probably something you should know about me from the jump!  I really do have good intentions, but you know what they say about good intentions.

I’m currently working on the usual support and client work, but I’ve also been working on a new theme and the re-design for Cr3ativ.  A new look is coming soon – I promise, however, I also have been planning some theme updates for a while now, which is what this article is going to be about.

When I first started learning how to create gorgeous bloat-free WordPress themes based on Jonathan’s brilliant designs, as you already know, I wasn’t entirely steady on my feet.  I had to figure out how the heck I could create option panels for setting up theme specific things and in the very beginning it was ‘cool’ and ‘accepted’ to create custom post types and use built-in shortcodes.

The problem with my ignorant thinking was “what happens if one of our buyers switches themes, they would lose everything” and that just didn’t play.  If one of our buyers switched themes they would see shortcodes inside their content that didn’t make sense or have missing content such as portfolio items etc.  I did eventually update all of our themes to remove the built-in shortcodes and now let the buyer use their own shortcode plugin, including our own Cr3ativ Shortcodes plugin.  But that didn’t resolve the issue of the missing content when using built-in custom post types for things like portfolio items or if using our Fitness theme, missing classes and trainers when the theme is replaced, causing our buyers grief as they now have to re-enter all their information again.

However, in order to update any of our themes at Themeforest, I have to re-submit to the review queue at Themeforest – any theme that still has built-in custom post types (Genesis, Mammoth, Fitness, Swiss as examples) I have to remove that functionality. Although, I’m not prepared to do this for Genesis as the Sermons could be an awful amount of work for someone to have to re-enter that content, I’ve decided to do a test run with Mammoth and Swiss.

Mammoth is almost finished, I’ve used the brilliant Soliloquy plugin (currently only using the lite version found on WP repo for the slider and our very own Cr3ativ Portfolio plugin for the portfolio items now. The theme is in it’s final stages and will be placed into the TF queue very soon – I just need to finish the new documentation. However, it’s very important I get this message to my buyers, you will loose your slider and portfolio content and it will need to be re-entered. I couldn’t find a better way of trying to give my buyers a head’s up by doing a blog article a head of time.

Swiss is very close to be finished as well with a complete design make over as well. The built-in portfolio functionality for Swiss is also being replaced by our own plugin, but the new design does give it quite the flare (if I do say so myself). But again, Swiss buyers will need to re-enter all of the portfolio content.

Please help me spread the word, I’m very sorry for any trouble this is going to cause anyone, but the new design of Swiss and knowing that even if you switch themes in the future – you won’t loose your content should make it worth the while!

Thanks (as always) for your support!!

– peace out –


May 14, 2016
Barbi Atkinson