Display your portfolio items easily in WordPress using our free Portfolio plugin.
Choose from filtered / non-filtered index page with options for 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.
Portfolio items also receive a dedicated single page with portfolio information if desired.

Categorize and Filter

The Cr3ativ Portfolio plugin supports unlimited categorization, for example, print, web, photography etc. If you then choose to use a filtered index page, your users can see all portfolio categories or filter by clicking the links for each. Alternatively this enables you to add each portfolio category as a separate menu item if desired. This provides the ultimate flexibility that portfolios demand.

Index and individual Item Pages

The index page has many options such as single, 2 column, 3 column or 4 column, filtered or not. We use your featured image only for the thumb displayed on the index page of your choice. We have found this to be the best solution as many users wish to display a very unique image as a thumb and want freedom of the page content. Doing things this way enables you to concentrate of the layout and content of your single page. Add a slider, a beautifully large image, a WordPress gallery or any other regular content.

Specific Information

All portfolio pages should offer some details. Included are all the basic information usually related to portfolio items:

If you do not complete the above details then they simply will not appear on the single page.

Now includes pagination (based on WordPress Settings > Reading) for category template as well as new fullwidth widget area for single page and drag/drop portfolio loop widget to display more portfolio items based on any category (or all) how many columns, how many items and random or ascending order

What do I do next?

Click the ‘Free Download’ button above. Your plugin will download in a .zip format. This is the file you will need to add this plugin to your site.

  1. Log into your WordPress site
  2. Click Plugins > Add New > Upload
  3. Browse your local computer and select the file you just downloaded
  4. Click Install and when prompted, click Activate.


  1. Log into your WordPress site
  2. Click Plugins > Add New
  3. In the search box type ‘Cr3ativ Portfolio’
  4. Click Install and when prompted, click Activate.


Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will need to open the cr3ativ-portfolio plugin and in the /templates directory upload the template files you want (single-cr3ativportfolio.php is a required file and then select the template you want filter/no-filter etc).

Then you can add your portfolio items filling out the information you want to appear on your portfolio items.

Navigate to Pages > Add New, name your page the way you want it to appear, then from the page templates dropdown, select the page template you want and then publish.


Styling for these page templates are included in the includes directory under:


This plugin is now available in the WordPress repository, when you click the ‘download’ button.