Post Carousel

Quickly and easily add a carousel of your recent posts to WordPress.
Choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, the post category, how many posts
from that category you wish to display and if the featured image should be shown or not.


Why Another Carousel?

After creating our Carousel Plugin, we wondered how we could incorporate regular posts from any category, with selections for 1,2,3 or 4 columns, and how to choose from a specific blog category, and then how many to actually display. We soon realized that trying to shoe-horn all that in to an existing plugin would just make for an ugly, hard to use plugin that’s trying to do too much at once.

We needed another plugin that was specific to it’s intended use, and so we created Post Carousel for this very reason.


What Does It Do Exactly?

Very simply we wanted a way display our recent blog posts, from a chosen category, in a slider, with the option to turn on or off the featured image display and have it link to the article, and, we wanted to be able to choose how many to display and in X number of columns. We also demanded great responsiveness without having to do anything, and also swipe enabled for touch based devices.

It’s a common requirement in themes and on sites but all of the ones we looked at didn’t do exactly this, or they did, but in an awkward and confusing manner. How hard could it be?


How Does All This Work Then?

Adding a carousel is super simple thanks to the shortcode you can place on any page or post, or alternatively, drag an instance of the included widget to a widget area. Set things such as the number of columns, title, number of items, the category of the posts and if you wish to display the featured image. The carousel and code will do the rest.


Example Shortcode

[recentposts-carousel columns="1" category="standard" number="3" image="yes"]


Fully Responsive

Our Cr3ativ Post Carousel is fully responsive meaning that you place once and your done. No CSS to customize, no responsive break point settings – it just works!


What do I do next?

Click the ‘Free Download’ button above. Your plugin will download in a .zip format. This is the file you will need to add this plugin to your site.

  1. Simply download the plugin
  2. Log into your WordPress site
  3. Click Plugins > Add New > Upload
  4. Browse your local computer and select the file you just downloaded
  5. Click Install and when prompted, click Activate.
  6. Using either the short code or the drag and drop widget, just create your carousel where ever you want it to appear.


  1. Log into your WordPress site
  2. Click Plugins > Add New
  3. In the search box type ‘Cr3ativ RecentPosts Carousel’
  4. Click Install and when prompted, click Activate.
  5. Using either the short code or the drag and drop widget, just create your carousel where ever you want it to appear.



Styling for these page templates are included in the includes directory under :




This plugin is now available in the WordPress repository, when you click the ‘download’ button.

This plugin is powered by the excellent Owl Carousel JS.